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How Restoring Trust Online Works

Restoring trust online is a two-step process: first, users need to reclaim their power online, their personal agency.

When users are in control again, they are free to decide who can be trusted and is worthy of validation by their peers. There's no more important credential.

Power to the People

At the Bitcoin Buyers Club, we’re giving agency back to people online. Our approach to identity validation sets us apart from other social platforms.


We don’t sell or market users’ data so users can be assured that their privacy and identity are secure. They’re in control: of their data, their personal information, their online behavior, and with whom they engage and interact.

People Power.jpg

Peer Validation

Peer validation is the cornerstone of trust: that you are who you say you are, validated by your peers.


Using a core pillar of the blockchain–token economics–peer recommendations,  reviews, and ratings are verified by real people. In the Bitcoin Buyers Club, peer validation is verified trust authenticated with Satoshis (SATs).

Meet Marco and Nancy

Story 1.png

Marco wants a dog. He’s heard stories about pet adoption and decides to adopt a dog. But he doesn’t know the first thing about it, and has heard about puppy mills and other bad actors.

Story 2.png

He finds Nancy on the Bitcoin Buyers Club and sees she is passionate about dog rescue and has many people who have validated and endorsed her.

Story 3.png

He reaches out to her and finds a reputable dog rescue group she has recommended. He adopts a dog and wants to validate Nancy for her help. He tips her.

Story 4.png

Nancy now has one more person who has validated her as a resource for dog rescue. Marco and Nancy now have formed a meaningful connection.

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