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The Bitcoin Buyers Club

A Community Marketplace to Build Meaningful Connections, powered by Bitcoin and the Blockchain

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Welcome to the Bitcoin Buyers Club

It’s a new community marketplace that will revolutionize the way people interact and transact with each other, based on trust and identity validation.


In the Bitcoin Buyers Club members connect with each other in the community to share information, tips and hints, and recommendations and reviews about bitcoin, products and services. It’s also the first and only club to introduce newcomers to the basics of buying bitcoin (BTC). Similar interests and goals such as discovering how to buy, store, and transact with bitcoin connect members, creating trusted and lasting relationships.

Why join the club?

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Your bitcoin journey starts here

Our mission is to make buying, selling, and transacting with Bitcoin (BTC) worry-free, safe, and accessible to everyone who wants to join.  If you're new to Bitcoin, we’ll guide you through the basic steps of making your first purchase of BTC. Begin your journey with bitcoin today, join the Bitcoin Buyers Club community.

Power to the People

Bitcoin Buyers Club's unique approach to reputation validation sets us apart from other reviews and ratings marketplaces and platforms. Featuring decentralized peer recommendations and verified reviews and ratings, the Bitcoin Buyers Club gives agency back to its members. They're in control and decide who they want to engage with, on their terms.

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Find Your Tribe

Connecting with other members with your similar interests, passions and lifestyles is an intrinsic benefit as we build the Bitcoin Buyers Club platform.  Discovering others who think like you and share your values and goals is the underpinning of meaningful connections.  As the Bitcoin Buyers Club grows, becoming a vibrant, thriving community, it will be fun and easy to find your people.

The Importance of Self-Custody

Self-Custody of your bitcoin is the best way to ensure that your bitcoin is in your physical
possession. What’s more, it’s safe from the current gyrations in the market, from less
trustworthy 3rd party platforms, and from hackers, viruses, and malware. Taking the steps to set
up a cold wallet to self-custody your bitcoin empowers you to truly understand how bitcoin and
the blockchain work, while ensuring that your stake is fully in your control.

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New to Bitcoin? We got you!

Introducing Bitcoin Basic

Take the first step with Bitcoin Basic. It’s an easy, seamless, secure, and reliable way to get started with BTC. From the first contact, a 30-minute “get acquainted” session to learn about you, your goals, and answer your questions – we’ll be there with you, and for you. 

Buy it, store it

Like any currency, you'll need a secure place to keep your BTC. Next, we’ll walk you through setting up your cold wallet, part of the Bitcoin Basic package, which we'll send you once you join the Club. After a 75-minute tutorial, you’ll experience the thrill that comes with seeing the first $10 of BTC transferred to your wallet (our gift for joining!)

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A New Store of Value for Mainstreet

The rise of blockchain technology spurred investment in cryptocurrency. Many jumped on the band wagon early in the hopes of creating sudden, great wealth. To be sure, some early investors did amass a fortune.


While many still consider crypto as a store of value, our goal is to expand its use as a way to participate in the community, as a kind of social currency. You can use BTC to reward your peers for fulfilling their social contracts with solid recommendations, shared knowledge, and transactions for goods and services. 

Restoring Trust Online 

Let's face it: trust online is broken. Bad actors, scammers, imposters, and bots are pervasive across the Internet. Reviews and recommendations are bought and paid for by brand marketers. As a result, five-star ratings are suspect.

Plus, you don't know if you're engaging with a bot or a trustworthy human.

Leveraging the unique capabilities of the Bitcoin Blockchain--immutability, pseudo-anonymity, and decentralization--can eliminate these threats and create a community built on trusted interactions and transactions.  Members can confidently forge meaningful connections without fear of bad actors, scammers, and hackers.


Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first digital currency, laying the foundation for an entirely new, secure decentralized financial system.

In less than a decade, tens of thousands of companies accept BTC. Bitcoin ATMs are available all over the globe. Soon the Lightning Network will enable a velocity of transactions.

As a result, Bitcoin has the largest developer ecosystem. As such, we think of Bitcoin as an exciting new operating system (OS), and the Blockchain as the ideal platform to build a safe, secure community marketplace free of nefarious actors. Its open source nature makes it uniquely qualified to build trust and create a new currency: social capital.

Myth Buster: It’s Safe and Secure 

You probably hear a lot about the associated risks  with cryptocurrency, that it's not for the faint of heart. Coupled with the news of epic failures of crypto exchanges and banks, fear, uncertainty and doubt have fueled the broader conversation about financial systems' security.


When banks are not even immune to bad accounting practices and fraud, it's not unreasonable to be concerned. But what sets crypto apart, and Bitcoin specifically, is that it's held on the blockchain, the most inviolate, transparent, secure ledger in the world.  Every purchase, sale, and transaction is documented and validated by multiple individuals.

About the Bitcoin Buyers Club

Peer-to-peer validation is the foundation

The cornerstone of the Bitcoin Buyers Club is peer validation: that you are who you say you are.  . In that way, others can trust that you're not a bad actor, a scammer, an imposter or a bot. Your credentials have been verified by others in the community. Likewise, you can confidently and securely engage with others in the authentic knowledge that they too have been validated by their peers. There's no more important validation. 

Our Mission
To foster a community marketplace that enables meaningful connections built and sustained by trusted engagement through peer-to-peer validation and the decentralized platform of the Bitcoin blockchain.

What the Bitcoin Buyers Club is NOT...

We’re not investment advisors

We’re not an equity trading platform

We’re not an exchange for Bitcoin

We're not custodians of cryptocurrency

We're not a social media company

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